2011 m. birželio 30 d., ketvirtadienis

Updates! :)

So I was doing some coding in a few past days and I've done some big changes in the framework.
Here is a list of what I can remember at the moment:
1) Rewritten properties. Now they are a bit more than just a container for any type. Two properties can share the same data and every property can have a callback when it gets changed(using boost signals v2 library for that).
2) I've made a type serializer external, so now when I change something in it, I don't need to recompile the whole project :)
3)Added string to value and value to string conversions which came in handy when coding a property editor.(which is still WIP).
4) Rewritten components a bit, now they use enums instead of strings to identify themselves. Also components are now grouped into component families. Each component family shares a base interface.
5) Entity serializer got updated. It looks a bit more cleaner and easier to maintain right now.

That should be it I think for now.
Next thing to write now is a Entity editor. I think that I will take a while to get to coding it though.