2011 m. gegužės 17 d., antradienis

Updates to framework

I've updated property class which is now a bit smaller but also more lightweight and easy to maintain for me. Also rewritten entity serializer/deserializer, even made it to save physics body's velocities (may be useful for saving game?). Also got rid of command system since it worked pretty slow. I think everything will communicate based on events and I might also make some sort of linking system so I could do the same chaining effect without too much overhead, only on load of the level  :)

Also wrote an InputReceiver which supports four key states (UP/PRESSED/DOWN/RELEASED), also supports double tapping in a defined interval of time (eg. 100ms).

2011 m. gegužės 2 d., pirmadienis

Simple player controller written.

So I wrote the player controller based on what I had in my last framework. It works fine, though as usual more problems rose. My command system really sucks I guess. When three player controllers were created and applied to three boxes, and I started moving them the fps went down quite badly (from ~2200 to ~1700). I think I'll have to rethink on how everything will work.

2011 m. gegužės 1 d., sekmadienis

Basic Entity Serializer working

I got my entity serializer to work, though it still misses some things and protections, but it works for basic stuff right now.
Time to write a simple input receiver and player component I think :)