2011 m. balandžio 26 d., antradienis

Design flaw.

Found a design flaw in the framework when I started to work on entity serialization.
I'll need to rework some places in the framework. It shouldn't take long.
After entity serialization is finished I'll start working on a simple level editor when I'll get some free time.

EDIT: Property serializer seams to work ok, now I will only have to connect it with components and Entities :)

2011 m. balandžio 25 d., pirmadienis


Today I finished fixing memory leaks in mesh batching snippet which I found on irrlicht forums. It works pretty nice, tough there is a texture artifact. When you look at batched objects from distance, black lines appear at mesh edges.

Even though it has this artifact I still really like it because it really increases the rendering speed when having many static nodes in the scene. Not only does it speed up the rendering but it should also speed up physics simulation, as it only uses one trimesh rigid body for all those objects.

I will try to fix the texture artifact though I don't think that its really important right now.

More news to come ;)

2011 m. balandžio 22 d., penktadienis

First post.

This is the first time I use blog, so sorry if theres anything wrong with it. This blog will contain my experiences of my 'Marrbles' game development. I decided to make it closed source for now, so I'm going to take down the svn I had, and host it on my own computer.

This is taken from my google svn:

Light Game framework, using irrlicht rendering engine, bullet physics, and some other stuff :)

I don't update svn frequently, mainly because of time saving so it might stay out of date for a while.

Framework fixed and is now at the same state as it was before I screwed it up with svn.

Heres a short video showing command chaining, more detailed explanation is in the video description.

btw, this version is not uploaded into svn or anywhere else atm.

Everything got screwed up, I'm now back to where I was before adding commands.

I won't be using svn at least until I get everything working and have some sort of backup system...


Added commands, and their handling.

Commands are used for entity communication.

Works ok, though needs more testing.

New sources uploaded, you can find them in trunk folder, you can still look at old sources in Marrbles folder and see how I was doing things before, but I don't recommend that, because you could get blind after that.

Lots of changes made, the code is more readable now, tough that still needs polishing.

Also changed the way entities work, now they are based on components.

Currently working on:Rewriting base of the framework to make it easier to extend and maintain.


*Plans for first official release*:

* *Level editor!*

* Level assets for fast and easy level building.

* Few playable levels.

* Make player respawn after falling down of an edge.

* Clear everything unneeded after each state to save system resources.

* Fix possible memory leaks and deallocate every object safely.

* And some other minor stuff.


*Latest screenshot*(The pic is from an old framework, new one doesn't really have graphics integrated yet):